Nordic Kokkaffe

Sápmi Tribute for 200 yr. anniversary of Gaaltije

Specialty coffee in a Nordic style.

Coffee over a fire is an age-old tradition that when prepared to perfection can take you into the depths of the wilderness.

The tribute of origin has a large importance in our roots. Heritage, culture and age-old traditions are shared for the future generations.

Enjoy our blend of two unique, specialty graded beans from small-scale producers. This is where we share with you a whole new coffee experience and the best coffee in the north.

Seasonal Blend

The landscape freezes over and nature goes to sleep.

This seasonal blend is a limited release for the winter months and will keep us warm as the sun disappears.

An origin blend of specialty graded coffee beans from Excelso-Colombia, Ocotal-Nicaragua & Sidamo-Ethiopia.

This Winter blend (Vinterriv) is also known as the perfect medicine for the long stretch ahead. The weather is unpredictable but this specialty coffee blend does not disappoint, whether over a fire, with a french press, filter coffee or even as a espresso.

Enjoy the winter months ahead!

The Big Lake Barista

Barista Marcus Izzo, a coffee educator and innovative coffee-prenuer invites you to join the rapidly developing world of coffee and be inspired through new and sustainable business practices of co-working and specialty coffee culture.

We run Östersunds CoffeeBar & Barista Boutique centrally located next to the main bus station together with our companions from Smartfix Osd.

We also deliver to our coffee friends with electric cargo bikes and run the world's smallest café on wheels known as Wheely's. You can see us rolling around town as Östersund's Biking Barista.

Our concept is called Coffee-Preneurship and we strive to build social responsibility throughout the entire coffee chain from production, to quality through transparency which we hope leads to a more sustainable future for coffee and fika culture.

This hold us on course.

Sustainability throughout the coffee industry is a big challenge when you look at all levels of farming techniques, processing methods and labor behind each cup. Almost 90% of the work farmers maintain yearly is so far from our daily lives. We mainly are in contact with roasting and brewing coffee. These are all important part of the coffee chain and allow us to experience coffee in ways you may never have imagined possible.

Join our specialty coffee revolution!

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Specialty Coffee Culture in Jämtland & Härjedalen

In the heart of Sweden lies Östersund.

The vastness of nature right outside our door and a gastronomical landscape spread across our region connects us to the importance of a more sustainable view on our coffee culture.

We share with you our passion and interest for specialty coffee.

Remember that commercial coffee around the world cannot guarantee quality due to the large scale industry it has become. We go straight to the roots of how coffee can be made great again.

Our model of transparency from origin to your cup is one of the key roles and relations of how we can make a difference for the future.

Our knowledge and understanding of the work behind production of both the food we eat and the artisan side of how to bring forth quality is a relationship we all feel better about.

So enjoy these specialty coffees that all come from single origin or single estate farmers that we feel place a signature in your cup.

Transparency, Quality and Sustainability form a future for producers and consumers.

Kaffebar och Barista butik

Om du vill dricka en riktig god kopp hantverkskaffe, prata om en framtid event där vi kan stärka med kaffe kunskap eller bara köpa kaffe och kafferelaterade produkter till dig själv eller present, kan du komma ned till oss och säga hej.

Adressen är Hamngatan 19 som står längst upp vid Östersunds busstorg (Gustav III:s torg).

Vi finns hos Workplays Co-working hotell driven av HouseBe från Åre. Där delar vi lokal med Smartfix Osd.

Gå in i gränden bredvid Artut Pizza & Bärs så ser du skyltarna.

Welcome to Big Lake Coffee!