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Courses for Coffee lovers

Big Lake Coffee offers different coffee courses, taste-testings and also activities where group dynamics and coffee come into the spotlight. Both for private groups, companies looking for something new and unique combined with the culture that coffee brings to our social and work environments.

Taste-testing 1 hr: 350kr/person

Dive into the commodity that we drink daily but never get a chance to see how production works or where quality comes from by cupping different types of specialty coffee. (Minimum four people per session)

Coffeeland course/taste-testing 2 hrs: 550kr/person

This course is a journey into how coffee differs from origin and also how processing and roasting bring forth a whole new side of specialty coffee that we normally do not experience. We also discover different brew methods that allow you to start brewing manually and exploring how easy it is to find quality in every cup. (Minimum four people per session)

Hand-crafted roasting with coffee course 2,5 hrs: 750kr/person

Almost 95% of coffee production takes place thousands of kilometers away from our daily lives yet we drink it almost every day.

Join us on a journey into green coffee production, artisan roasting and cupping of different origin coffees and discover a side of coffee culture that you are a big part of. We travel to different origins and you take home with you the coffee that is roasted.

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Big Lake Coffee has a solid foundation that builds sustainable business practices and loves to collaborate and help you plan innovative coffee sessions to impress your guests at a planned concert, conference or social gathering.

Barista Works

We also help build Barista Works where a Coffee Bar can give your event or happening a whole new touch with a quality coffee experience.

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Why not rent a barista or our mobile Wheely's bike for your next event?


Coffee is a center point of Swedish culture and can be enjoyed at all kinds of events.

Serving specialty coffee is a new way of presenting to your clients or guests that you take a bold stance sustainability and thrive on giving an all-round experience. It also shows that you focus on quality and support local entrepreneurs that carry valuable knowledge and show how passionate entrepreneurs work together.

At Big Lake Coffee we believe that everybody deserves great coffee!