Jämtland/Härjedalen House Blend establishes as the best coffee around!

A4 House BLend

A new wave of coffee takes motion over Scandinavia!  A house blend that gives us a round and full flavor experience of our region in Jämtland & Härjedalen.

Specialty coffee and the art of production, roasting and brewing brings us third wave coffee.  A history, a story and a relationship told to us from the farmer to the barista and into our cup. Through knowledge, transparency and sustainable practices we can now see the full circle of how we make a difference within the coffee industry.

We introduce a house blend that not only brings us a flavorful cup, round chocolatey tones with a fruity flavor. Well-balanced acidity and fits all brew methods. This coffee also brings us a step closer to how great coffee should taste!

Big Lake Love

Los Pipitos Project

Los Pipitos framtext

Big Lake Coffee is in the process of starting a new-wave of production with focus on creating a more sustainable coffee consumption, through knowledgeable consumers and viable projects within the coffee industry.

Los Pipitos is a national organisation in Nicaragua that aim to support families with knowledge and key tools for developmental disabilities. Creating the right to a qualitative life as any other human right is know by society.

Through understanding, acceptance and creating a value through coffee consumption we too can make a difference together by learning the key tools to sustainable consumption through specialty coffee.

Stand with us and support Los Pipitos today!

Contact Big Lake Coffee to find your way…

Coffee Session

Want to prove Session Coffee?

Try a Coffee Session with Big Lake Coffee!

Specialty coffees and the craft of brewing coffee to reach it’s most impressive potentials?

A Coffee Session is perfect for groups of individuals, friends, work colleagues and/or family members!

The perfect present or even educational experience where you can try coffee from different origins and through new and trendy brew methods!

Minimum 3-4 persons per session!

Small Session-525 SEK per/person (Includes 2 hr session with in depth look at the work that goes into each cup of coffee and a comparison single origin coffees.

Medium Session-625 SEK per/person (Includes 2 hr session with coffee history, specialty coffee focus and comparison of different origins, brew methods and a cupping.)

Large Session-750 SEK per/person (Includes 2,5 hr session with coffee history, specialty and origin taste-testing, brew methods and a Hario starter pour-over kit.)

Cupping-200 SEK per/person (Includes 1 hr session with different single origin specialty coffees.)

Inquiries and bookings contact Marcus Izzo – biglakecoffee@gmail.com

or call +46 76 140 00 66



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